Thursday, March 8, 2012

Product Review: Laneige Snow Crystal Lipgloss

I know it's been eons since I've done a post and I should really do a proper one soon (I've got like 5 different drafts of ones I started but just didn't get around to finishing so maybe I'll complete one of those one of these days) but I just had to do quick post on my new favourite lip gloss!

For the record, I'm generally not a huge fan of lip gloss. Because I already have full lips I don't need to plump them any more and since that's what lip glosses generally tend to do, I don't like the effect on me personally. That being said, there was one lip gloss I would use all the time since I discovered it in Sephora years ago, which was the Hourglass Extreme Sheen lipgloss in Origami pink.

I swore by this lip gloss for forever (and still probably would) ... it has a beautiful colour (much less intense than it looks in the bottle and the picture above), and the gloss itself was moisturizing so it didn't feel like you were putting something on that was sticky and suffocating like a lot of other glosses are like. It is expensive though, and popular - somewhere around $30-40 plus tax. The other thing that I've found with this is that my lips have to be in particular shape in order for the gloss to look good - it may sound weird, especially to guys, but my lips change colour ... in the morning often they can be a bit darker, or when I'm tired, or whatever. So really, this lip gloss only looked its best on me when I was already at my best. If that makes any sense xD

The new product I've come across that I'm totally head over heels in love with now is Laneige's Snow Crystal sheer lip gloss in Sugar Pink (LR 04).

I'll say right off the bat that where the Hourglass lipgloss feels good all the time, this one falls a little short and has a much more common "gloss" feeling to it. It doesn't have the former's noticeable moisturizing effect. However, what it lacks in texture it more than makes up for in look - I could put this on at any hour of any day in whatever state I'm in and it will make my lips look gorgeous! I can't get over how much I love the light pink colour of it - it smooths over any wrinkles in the lips and doesn't have an overdone shine that draws too much attention to it. Instead of being in-your-face, it's subtle and natural, and does its job damn well for a decent length of time.

I encourage any and every girl out there to get this product, at least to try. Fortunately I live right by a Korean market with a beauty shop inside that sells a bunch of Laneige products, but for those who don't have as easy access you should be able to find websites that support online orders for it, like Cosmetic Love. Give it a shot!

Aaaand girly gush over. :)

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