Monday, April 4, 2011

look in the sky!

So today on my way home from school I was sitting on the subway and was playing Solitaire on my iPod when someone sat in front of me (facing towards my left though) and took something out of their plastic bag and began reading. Now, don't you lie, we're all snoops, so I glanced up from my iPod out of curiosity to see what they were reading and lo and behold it was a comic book. I fought back a big goofy grin when I inched sideways to see what the title was and realized it was an issue of Agents of Atlas - one I had read, to boot. I couldn't remember what station he got on at but I took a guess that it was Wellesley, since that's where there's a stretch of street littered with used book stores and 1 Million Comix. As far as I could tell, though, the bag didn't have any label on it so I could be wrong. I am such a super creeper.

But anyway, that was kind of a geeky fun moment for me today. What surprised me is that I actually recognized the title AND had read the issue, especially since it was a Marvel series. I started reading Agents of Atlas mooonths ago but stopped for whatever reason. Nowadays the only ongoing titles I read are Green Lantern and Walking Dead, though I'm working on catching up on Secret Six and Fables and I keep meaning to pick up Invincible again (stopped reading after around issue 12, for no particular reason, just forgot to continue). I WAS reading the latest volume of The Flash, despite the fact that it was Barry Allen and not Wally West like I wanted, and I was really enjoying it but it got cancelled. UGHHH. With Flashpoint coming up too! Son, I am disappoint.

the truth is, I don't need to be a superhero. if I were to be any comic book character

I would, hands down, be Linda Park-West ;)

I'm a late bloomer with comics. I got my first comic book from a garage sale when I was 8 when my mom bought me the first issue of George Perez' run on Wonder Woman, and I loved it. But at that age, esp. when you're a girl, your attention span is only so strong before you move on to some new toy or watch tv or play dress up and forget all about that little comic book you tuck away somewhere. It's lost now, though I have replaced it since.

I don't exactly remember what made me interested in them again. All I know is I joined a forum a little over a year ago, filled with some great people whom I enjoy talking to still, to acquire some more knowledge (among *ahem* other things, perhaps) and the ball just started rolling. I started my relapse with Infinite Crisis (which I got signed by Phil Jimenez, yesss!). My DC loyalty never really faltered - Marvel just never interested me, though I do like what little I've seen of Spider-Man and the X-Men, and upon a friend's suggestion, I really did like reading their Hercules series ... AND I want to read more of their Noir series, since I really liked the Spider-Man one I got. OK fine, Marvel's okay.
But anyway, managed to made it through 52, Countdown, Final Crisis, and Blackest Night, a bit of Brightest Day, and still am working through Batman R.I.P. That's still kind of behind - but I don't believe in cutting in the middle. I like starting from the beginning, or at least as early as I can get away with, so I get the whole story.

is there a sexier group out there than the birds of prey?

I seriously think not.

I can't wait for all the comic book movies that will be coming out in the near future, even if most of them are Marvel. They satisfy both the guy and girl in me, 'cause I can't get enough of heartpumping, adrenaline-rushed, good old fashioned action-packed adventures and I also can't get enough of gorgeous men who go around saving the day. Just the thought of seeing Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Michael Fassbender (well, he doesn't exactly play a hero but nevertheless) in such roles really ... well. Makes you feel like a woman. :D

you can totally tell what my type is. LOL wow.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents about comics today. I've fallen a little behind on Green Lantern so I'm going to go catch up on that now ...

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