Sunday, March 27, 2011


A new theme to go with a new post! I have a big thing for film noirs. I just love how dark, sexy, compelling, and intense they are - and I have a thing for real manly men and in that, they never disappoint. The leading man is usually sombre and strong with a brusque and gritty charm that strangely attracts women ... and not just any kinds thereof. The femme fatale. The gorgeous lady with deep red lips, a body people can't stop staring at, and smouldering eyes you can't read. I just can't get enough of them! They just make me swoon and want to go to the bar and order a bourbon on the rocks and light up a cigarette (despite the fact I don't smoke and rarely drink) and drown my sorrows with all the rest of them in the films. But enough of that. On with the post ...


"You do hate me, don't you, Johnny?"


"I don't think you have any idea of how much."


"Hate is a very exciting emotion. Haven't you noticed? Very exciting.

I hate you too, Johnny.

I hate you so much I think I'm going to die from it.

(they kiss)

Darling ... I think I'm going to die from it."

"How could I have known that murder sometimes smells like honeysuckle?"

"Stealing a man's wife, that's nothing;

but stealing a man's car, that's larceny."

"You'd better watch out, McPherson,

or you'll finish up in a psychiatric ward.

I doubt they've ever had a patient who fell in love with a corpse."


"I'd say you don't like to be rated.

You like to get out in front, open up a little lead,

take a breather in the backstretch, and then come home free."


"You don't like to be rated yourself."


"I haven't met anyone yet that can do it. Any suggestions?"


"Well, I can't tell 'til I've seen you over a distance of ground.

You've got a touch of class, but I don't know how ... far you can go."


"A lot depends on who's in the saddle."

"I see Bud because I want to.

I see Bud because he can't hide the good inside of him.

I see Bud because he treats me like Lynn Bracken

and not some Veronica Lake lookalike who fucks for money."


"Who is this?"


"I won't waste your time. You don't know me."


"I know everyone, and I have all the time in the world."


"Ah, the folly of youth."

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