Sunday, March 6, 2011


After many failed attempts at reconnecting with my writing, I'm going to give it one last try. It really is something I used to do every day but in the last few years, with the move and university and everything in between I've lost both the time and urge ... but mostly the urge. The time I'm sure I could scrounge up.

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I guess I should familiarize myself to the void (or noisy mess?) which I'll be speaking into. So, where to begin ... well, I'm a blood type AB, which is the rarest form in the whole group. Weren't expecting that, were ya? Ha! For those who believe in blood type personalities (which are a lot of Koreans; it's like their equivalent of Western astrology) it's the "crazy" one that is supposed to be the combination type of all sorts of opposites. I believe this, more than anything, sums me up the best. A walking juxtaposition. I like things done a certain way and generally won't accept things short of perfection. But, at the same time, I'm pretty chill; I can understand the room for mistakes and human folly and that these add their own flawed beauty to the workings of the world. I'm ambitious; I want to do great things and see as much as I can. But I'm lazy; I like nothing more than taking a relaxing nap or watching a good movie.

photo cred: Leena Holmström

I'm one of the girliest girls you'll meet. Nothing makes me happier than romantic old movies, the colour pink (especially a light pearly pink), pretty things, and getting dolled up. At the same time, I'm usually also one of the guys. I like to read Green Lantern and Flash comic books just as much as I do Keats' poetry or a Hugo novel. I'm just as likely to go out on a lunch date at a cafe as I am to later grab a beer and watch a hockey game (lifelong 'Nucklehead) at the nearby sports bar. I'm addicted to PC games but they range everywhere from first person shooters like Team Fortress 2 to old school mysteries like Nancy Drew. I can handle my share of superficial death and gore on the screen (and love it if it's zombie-related), but when my favourite character in a book, movie or tv show dies or leaves I cry like a baby.

I've been told by people that they admire my outgoing personality and confidence, but I don't know if they all realize (they probably do) that this comes out only when I'm around people I feel comfortable around. If I'm with friends and good company I'll be the silliest person there, but I can be the most shy and quiet person in the room if I feel alone (I'm sure that's the same with most people though). I'm pretty open about myself and wear my heart on my sleeve, but I still have trust issues. I'm open, but I'm still a pretty private person. Can't you tell by my writing in a public blog? ;)

photo cred: Philipp Klinger

I think this is where I'll end for now ... Maybe in this blog I'll be able to rediscover the girl, who couldn't stop writing if she could help it, who got lost somewhere along the way as she stepped into the future. I hope I can, because I miss her quite a bit.

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