Saturday, March 12, 2011

Consumer Goddess

So I've reached my spending cap for the month already in terms of indulgences and beauty products, and I thought I'd share! I already did a post on my new perfume and nail polish, but I've also got a couple other things that make me happy, so here I go!

A friend of my mom's works at a Korean beauty shop and she always gets us samples of the various skincare lines they have. I've used the pink IOPE moisture lasting emulsion and such but when I received her latest batch from LANEIGE, I was sold. I haven't fallen for a skincare line so quickly in awhile, but once I used up my sample set I knew I had to get the full-sized products. So, my latest daily skincare ritual will be deriving from this "Ultimate Care Set" from LANEIGE ...

photo cred: meeee! haha

I don't normally take photos like these so I did my best to make it look pretty/the way it does in real life but I'm not sure how good a job I did. The little rain(snow?)drops around the set are a bunch of other Essence samples she gave me. I love her very much hahaha.
I spoke with a relative in Korea about the brand and she told me it's actually one of the lower-quality names in skincare over there ... even though I thought it was really good! I guess generally speaking it just fits my skin better because of my ethnicity - they're used to treating Asian skin. Now, I'm no scientist and don't know how biologically correct that is so don't hold this as absolute fact ... it's just a silly theory I have. Either way, it has been much more satisfying than the various North American brands I've tried. I even dished out $50 on Philosophy's Hope in a Jar b/c I heard it was supposed to be ahhh-mazing, but it actually kind of made my skin worse. So, lesson learned.

The other indulgence I fell prey to the other day was this adorable lip gloss from Korres at Sephora ...

photo cred: Plaisirs

Not only is the colour the cutest thing in the world (the picture really doesn't do it any justice - it's like a milky peachy/pink colour. SOCUTE!) I like this product already for a couple of reasons. First of all, as I researched when getting home, Korres doesn't test on animals, and is free of paraben (which has been linked to breast cancer as well as damaging your skin when in direct contact), mineral oil (which plugs your pores), silicone (which has all sorts of risks), propylene glycol (a skin irritant, among other health risks) and ethanolamine (another irritant)! But testing on animals is the biggest concern I normally have when buying beauty products and that's why I normally don't stray far from Benefit, Stila, and Urban Decay and others that I know safely are ethically tested. But anyway, the other reason I like this product is the fact that it isn't as sticky as other lip glosses I have and feels lighter and more moisturizing. I don't think it can quite top Hourglass's Extreme Lip Gloss (which is a must-have favourite I always keep in my bag in Origami, shown as follows), but it nevertheless does a very decent job.

photo cred: Dermstore

But that's it ... for now I have to reel in the spending because I've already chipped away at my savings and it's not a habit I want to get into. Money's tight, and until I can get another job I'm going to have to be very frugal and careful with my spending. It can be hindering on the social life, but ... sacrifices sometimes have to be made. Bah. Adulthood.

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