Monday, March 7, 2011

I left my heart in ...

It's days like these I miss the west coast and it's temperate weather. -11 degrees/feeling like -21 degrees in March is very very wrong to me. I thought we were supposed to have all four seasons felt out here? Where's my blooming flowers and greenery and allergies? Nowhere in sight!

photo cred: Kristybee

I really do miss home though. Loved the rain - it's different than the rain out here. When you get caught in it here, you feel dirty and like you need to go in and shower. When you walk in it out there, it's totally opposite - you feel cleansed, pure, refreshed. Beautiful. Sure, there are days you get sick of it, but there are days when you can't get enough of it too.

photo cred: Noriko Ohba

And the beaches, oh man ... can't forget those. There's nothing like dipping your feet in your own corner of the ocean and watching the sun set in the bay ahead in a blend of colours you'd never seen before. Or gathering with the rest of the city in the warm evenings to see the fireworks in the summertime, huddled on blankets, or maybe standing leaning against people they love ... all are priceless moments of the past.

summer memories at the beach

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